30 May 2019

The Community Clinic: in reviews

Affordable community acupuncture


I started up the community clinics in February 2018 with the aim of making acupuncture as accessible as possible, both location-wise and price-wise. I started with an afternoon in Florence Park Community Centre, charging just £15 per session. Now there are three clinics across Oxfordshire; Dean Court Community Centre on Mondays, Florence Park Community Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Abingdon Guildhall on Wednesdays.

We’ve treated over 225 people and done over 1250 sessions in that time – Now (Nov 2019) we have seen nearly 350 people across almost 2500 sessions. We are now seeing almost 50 people a week! The price has gone up slightly, to £16.50 a session, but the commitment remains the same, with the long term goal of collecting enough data to be able to make a strong case to be on the NHS so it can be truly accessible to all.

Over this time we’ve seen a wide variety of people with all kinds of conditions. Here is what just a few of them have had to say:

The acupuncture sessions are such an affordable way to help cure insomnia. I was absolutely desperate and found the sessions very helpful. Both Joe and Georgia are extremely understanding and knowledgeable. I feel I can treat my insomnia now without resorting to sleeping pills.”

Alexa, 38, mother of a toddler, lawyer and PhD student.

   I am so grateful for the idea of Community Acupuncture. To be able to afford professional diagnoses & treatments, before & after my shoulder surgery has been such a boon. Joe’s treatments have reduced the pain in my body and improved my sleep. Thank you so much for all the help.”

Simin, hairdresser, beautician, holistic therapist.

As a teacher and parent I’m very physically active. Back pain was seriously debilitating and affected my life in every way – from being able to interact with my children fully, playing sport, sleeping well to just standing upright without pain. Suffering from two herniated discs, Joe’s acupuncture perfectly complimented the work I was doing with my osteopath. The sessions helped to significantly reduce the inflammation around the affected discs and supporting muscles which enabled me to do my rehabilitation exercises relatively pain free. This had an enormous impact on my well being and recovery.”

Leon, 37, teacher and father.

The clinic is amazing: Acupuncture has helped me to relieve my chronic back pain and provides me with an optimal support for a long-term psychotherapy which has been rather difficult recently. I am recovering from developmental trauma disorder (DTD) and Complex PTSD. I have been coming regularly once, sometimes even twice, per week and after decades of painful physical and psychological symptoms I can finally see some light at the end of the recovery tunnel. Thank you so much Georgia and Joe, you have made my life so much better!”

Laura, 56, retired social scientist, emerging artist.

“I have been seeing Joe for a few months now. I love coming for weekly acupuncture as the whole experience is so calming and nurturing and it really is such a support to my whole health both physically and emotionally. My back has loosened up so much since I have been coming and I feel more energised and have the best nights sleep after each session. I would recommend this lovely clinic and I hope we have more of them in Oxford and the whole UK. I love the community feel to the clinic.”

Marneta, 50, works from home as a writer

“I currently live at home with my parents unable to work due to suffering with Mental health and Anxiety for 7 years. I hear unpleasant voices which tell me to self harm, I find acupuncture helps me to rationalise them which results in less self harming behaviours. Since visiting Joe I now manage to cope better with everyday life.”

Heidi, 25.

“Unbeknownst to me, I was holding a real ocean of sadness within me. On my first two sessions with Joe the floodgates opened. I have to say, I did not see this coming. Each session that I had, I felt better, much better, stronger and more in tune with the world and challenges around me.
Before the first session, Joe sat me down and we openly talked about what was happening in my life and what I wanted addressed with acupuncture. Joe’s knowledge of acupuncture is astounding; his ability to heal is second to none. Alongside his professional demeanour, you can really sense that he cares for his clients.
All in all, I had four consecutive sessions with Joe, which really addressed my problems and at the same time, realigned the functionality of my mind-body relationship and set me right and back on my path. I popped by 6 months later for an amazingly beneficial “top-up” visit to Joe with the goal to remove any more resilient blockages. Joe focused on removing one large blockage which I am happy to say has now dissipated.

Sometimes, we all need that little bit of help to get us back on track. This is where it starts. Thank you, Joe”

Grattan, 46, Humanitarian Relief Worker.

“I have been visiting Joe for acupuncture in order to gain symptomatic relief from my cystic fibrosis. I have found it to be particularly beneficial in increasing my energy levels, something which conventional medication and treatment has been unable to help with. It has also helped greatly with the shoulder, neck and back pain I routinely experience. I am still amazed at the difference a session makes to me and would recommend it to anyone suffering mentally or physically.”


acupuncture for back pain

“I have suffered with Chronic pain for 6yrs (due to poly-mesh for bowel prolapse). I was left with excruciating pain when sitting down, thanks to Joe I can now sit for a short period of time. My digestive system has also increased by 85% for the better from the acupuncture.
It has also helped me with insomnia I have suffered with for years and helps me to relax.
I always feel like I’m on cloud 9 when I have finished a session (can’t wait till the following week). Nothing is ever to much trouble to Joe, he is a very amazing/caring/kind guy. I would recommend him to anybody, he can help with multiple problems in a session.”

Linda, 59, mother of 3 and nana of 2.

“Joe is really understanding, softly spoken, welcoming, knowledgeable and always puts you at ease. I’ve been going to Joe at Florence park low cost acupuncture for a few months now. My issues are early menopause, depression and anxiety. The acupuncture has really helped me cope with all these issues and I feel like a weight has been lifted right after treatment! I would wholeheartedly recommend Joe, he’s brilliant and acupuncture is amazing! Joe is a god send when I’ve had a emotional day! Give it a go you won’t regret it!”

Sahira, 43, fire safety teacher in the community.

“Joe is the best acupuncturist ever!! he is very knowledgeable and explains everything clearly. I suffer from menopause hot flushes, sweats, tension, tension headaches, sleep and low energy. After my treatment you can feel the benefits, lasting. If I had visited my GP, I would be taking tablets with horrible side effects. Highly recommend. Thank you Joe.”

Marie, 51.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words. It has been such an honour to be able to help so many people. I am so happy I have found a way to make my work as accessible as I have and so glad I can share it so widely. If you would like to have a chat about acupuncture and the community clinics you can call on 07704769098. Please share this far and wide, and tell all your friends so we can get more acupuncturists involved, open up more clinics and help more people.

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