Welcome to Your Clinic

We are all about making your life easier; whether you are someone with a health or wellbeing concern looking to get better or a practitioner wanting to reach and help more people, we’re here for you. 

You can easily find practices and practitioners, book a time that suits with a click of a button and simply monitor your health and wellbeing changes. And, if things aren’t working out for you, it’s a doddle to find and change to a different practice or practitioner.


As a practitioner it is a simple process to sign up and set up your clinic on our platform. You can add as many locations and services as you’d like and we will take care of all of the boring SEO optimisation to help get you found quickly. As bookings come through it is easy to see how your patients are doing and monitor their health outcomes across your treatment plan, making it easy to change strategy if things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped.

Your Clinic is packed full of tools and functions that make it easier for patients to get help and for practitioners to help them. Our greatest hope is that we can help people feel better and we believe we’ve made a lovely platform to make that a piece of (super healthy) cake for everyone.

So why not sign up and give it a go!