Our Story

We started from one practitioner’s novel clinic – where he was trying to help as many people as he could. He used online forms to collect patient information before treatments. That made it possible to streamline his practice and drop prices dramatically, making it much more affordable. As a result making his effective treatments became much more accessible to the whole community. 

He saw how useful this could be to other practitioners and to the health and wellbeing fields they work in. But it wasn’t just about a simple streamlined system to help us all help more people. He realised that if we all club together, we can collect huge amounts of anonymised, non-identifiable patient reported outcomes. This data can then be used to massively benefit the quality and quantity of data on how useful alternative and complementary medicine is. We could then make a robust case to policy makers across the globe, as well as to our communities and the public at large, and help even more people.

So a group of us teamed up to create an app based on this model. YourClinic is the result. We pride ourselves in helping patients, communities, practitioners, and complementary and alternative medicine as a whole.

We care.