Check out the exciting features that are packed into this platform

  • Simple map based search function to find clinics.
  • Easy to navigate display of practices with streamlined booking, links to directions via google maps, contact and practitioner details with a clear and neat user journey.
  • Integrated MYMOP® research tool that all patients are prompted to fill out before their booking.
  • A clear and logical patient page that displays all of your patients and allows you to open up their medical details and track their changes across treatments with you.
  • As well as a clear red flag indicator on the front page of any patients details.
  • A simple practice and service set up system that makes it easy for you to set up and share you clinic with the world, take bookings and decide how you want to take payments, we’ve even added a sliding scale option.
  • A review tool that prompts patients to review your treatments rather than you having to.
  • Notifications come by email and on the site letting you and patients know when they have booked and what to do next.
  • An edit button that allows patients as well as practitioners to edit the time and date of their appointment, up to 24 hours before their booking.
  • And perhaps my favourite feature, a take time off button that you can press if you are ill and the system will cancel, refund and notify all of your patients that day so you can focus on getting yourself better rather than having to deal with all the admin!

We will also be working hard on

  • Building the SEO of the site so you don’t have to worry about having a super fancy all bells and whistles website that is in the top three for all searches across all platforms. We will do that for you.
  • We will generate content and even post yours onto our blog
  • We will aggregate the anonymised patient reported outcomes data and use it to create an interactive page that allows everyone to see how well people are responding to certain treatments that can be search by demographic as well as medical conditions.
  • We will link up with researchers to get more scientific research on the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine
  • We will also use the data to inform our communities and the public at large as to the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine.
  • When we have the data sets and research available we will liaise with policy makers and the ASA

In other words, we will constantly be trying to reduce barriers to entry for practitioners, make it easier to practice (at least all the boring admin side), and bring patients to you through our website and information outreach projects. The more of us using this platform, the easier it will get for all of us and the more data we will have to inform and educate.




We will have a rolling monthly subscription that varies depending on the number of practitioners and practices per grouping. All subscriptions will also have to pay stripe fees of 1.4% and 20p per booking. 


Solo practitioners Small teams Medium teams Large teams Larger
1 practitioner Up to 5 practitioners Up to 10 practitioners Up to 20 practitioners
5 practices 10 practices 20 practices 30 practices
£20pm £50pm £90pm £150pm Please get in touch 


Upon sign-up we will check your credentials;

  • Your qualifications
  • If you are part of a regulatory body
  • Your insurance documents

As long as all of these are in good order you will be given access to the system to set up your clinic and start taking bookings! 

You will also receive a MYMOP® license from Meaningful Measures Ltd

Institutional prices

Please get in touch with us as we have a different pricing structure for institutions such as Universities and are willing to negotiate group discounts for regulatory bodies and their members.